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At Milfontes Massages, we love working with massage therapies because massage is harmony, symmetry and beauty more than a therapy or a technique, it’s art.  An art that helps to heal the body, the mind and the emotions. 


Help you to find calm and relax, reduce stress, anxiety, tiredness and pain. As well as helping you feel better and look better are our goals, through our different treatments and therapies that we have at your disposal.


Book a massage with Ruth Mariell, founder of Milfontes Massages. 

Or with Sofia Rosa Fernandes, our Shiatsu Massage Therapist.

Feel better and regain your natural balance.

Book a Massage

Choose from a wide range of massage types, all helping to promote relaxation both mentally and spiritually.

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..Choose whether you're more comfortable at home or meeting Ruth at her stunning studio space. Either way, an excellent service and relaxing massage is guaranteed.

If you'd wish to have a massage at home there will be an additional cost of 1€ X Km.

Discover the Benefits

Learn more about the marvellous benefits of each type of massage

  • Stress reduction and increased relaxation

  • Reduction of pain and muscle inflammation and tension

  • Improved circulation, energy and alertness

  • Improved immune system

  • ​Decreased heart rate and blood pressure

Thai & Oil Massage Mix

  • This healing therapy activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which, in turn, reduces stress, stimulates circulation, soothes pain, etc…

  • It works directly with the subtle body - the pranic body - and in Nature, the subtler the dimension, the more powerful it is…so be ready for a relaxing yet very powerful experience.

  • All you need is to be receptive and open to receive, and the energy will work its magic -  flowing wherever it needs to go!

  • Please note: You can also combine Shiatsu with Reiki in one session. These methods are compatible and they complement each other beautifully.

Relaxing Shiatsu Massage

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  • Improves blood circulation

  • Relaxes the muscles of the body

  • Improves tendon and ligament injuries

  • Reduces fatigue

  • Soothes headaches and back pains

  • Able to raise serotonin levels and increase relaxation

Therapeutic Massage for Pains

  • Couples relaxation

  • Helps to strengthen the connection 

  • Strengthens romance

Couples Massage

  • Reduce prenatal anxieties

  • Create a positive birth experience

  • Increases energy levels

  • Foot massage reduces tension and fatigue and helps prevent swollen ankles, a typical discomfort of pregnancy.

  • Enjoy some quiet time ideal for psychological and emotional revitalisation 

Pregnancy Massages



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Book a Massage

Book a Massage

Enjoy a relaxing massage synchronised with oils for absolute relaxation of the physical and spiritual senses, achieving a disconnection and mental liberation to completely disconnect from the environment.

To book, all you need to do is click the button below, choose the massage and the day and hour (based on availability), fill in details and you're all set! 

Click below to book your massage

  • Thai & Oil Massage Mix

  • Therapeutic Massage for Pains

  • Relaxing Shiatsu Massage:

  • Pregnancy Massage

  • Couples Massage

Accepted Payment Methods

Debit/credit card

MB Way

Cash (in person)

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“I have been doing this for a big part of my life, I have trained in Thailand, England, Norway and Venezuela.


Being a masseuse is my gift, my talent and my way of life, I want to show my way of helping people to be healthy, peaceful and relaxed, and so, consequently, it’s my little contribution to help the world to heal and heal myself through a perfect connection of energies and vibrations with everything and everyone.”


Where to find us

Beco de S. Pedro, nº 8.


Back Side of "Café Turco".

Vila Nova de Milfontes, PT.

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Any questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch!

(+351) 935305084

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